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The War Habit 

Conceptual costume and set design - Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama - 2020

Directed by Bridget Keehan


This conceptual project was following the process of an R&D. In collaboration with Bridget we created a found space performance around Lavernock Battery, and old disaffected war battery on the Welsh coast.  After visiting the site together, she came up with a text inspired by poems, by the movement of the trees and the beauty of the welsh nature. Together we imagined a performance about war, and its eternal nature.  

There was a great liberty about this project to use a varied  choice of materials. I choose to use a lot of fabrics, stitches and collages to represent to eternal layering of time throughout history. 

          Sketchbook and Process

       Click for more process 

Set Design 

Model make of a central element of our production, The tree


Mix media storyboard of one of the moments of the performance called the Plane Crash.

Sewed photos, papers and fabric to create a tapestry.

Costume Design

Sewed drawings on fabric, and collaged with recycled fabrics. 

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