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Céleste Langrée



About Me

I am a French-American performance designer based in France and the U.K. . Growing up with a French education focused on literature and philosophy, I have developed a love for exploring texts. After two years studying Theater Design at Fordham University in New York, I have a BA in Performance Design at Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama.

Dedicated to live performance and with a passion for opera, I create worlds where narrative and characters can shine. I use art as my way to engage with the world. 


About my work

Utilizing a process of experimentation through making -  including drawings, models, scenic art, and puppetry – my work evolves through doing, finding contemporary and provocative approaches to take a stand through the staging classic works. I create strong visual narratives that centre character at the crossroads of music and storytelling to create powerful experiences that actively engage audiences as both listener and collaborator, exploring the world and sparking social change. 





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Tel UK : 07 56 45 30 550

Tel FR : 06 10 11 83 46

Cardiff - London - Paris

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